Silencing a loud Intel Macbook Pro

Ever since I started working I’ve had a Mac for personal use. My first job had me working on (broken) Windows machines which had to be repaired. I just wanted something else to look at after business hours, so I ended up with a my first Mac, a Mac Mini with a PowerPC G4 CPU.

Many years have passed since and I still have a Mac, currently a 2017 model Macbook Pro with an intel CPU.

Last year Apple introduced the M1 chip. Many reviewers have been boasting about its amazing performance. What I find even more amazing is that these machines require a lot less cooling than their Intel predecessors. So much power, so little noise. The Macbook Air doesn’t even have a fan any more. If only OEM-partners of Microsoft offered ARM-based devices of similar performance…

With the recent macOS Monterey update us Intel users are graced with a new feature in the settings menu. We now have a battery panel which has an option to put the machine in a low power mode. Since enabling this mode I no longer have had fans spinning like a jet whilst toking light/medium duty tasks.

If you want the same feature on an older version of macOS or you want more control on power consumption per application then you might want to check out Turbo Boost switcher.

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